Wheelock Genealogy

This is the genealogy, as my family has researched it, for our branch of the Wheelock surname.

Andrew Hayes Wheelock, Sr. (B. 1/27/1967)
        ...and my children:
        Meredith Victoria Wheelock (B. 1995)
        Hannah Elizabeth Wheelock (B. 1997)
        Andrew Hayes Wheelock, Jr. (B. 1999)
        Trevor Hayes Wheelock (B. 2000)
Robert Hayes Wheelock (B. 1938)
Merton Hayes Wheelock, Jr.
Merton Hayes Wheelock, Sr.
Isaac Robinson Wheelock (B. 1843)
Ezekial Cleveland Wheelock (B. 1818)
Abel Wheelock, Jr. (B. 1777)
Abel Wheelock, Sr. (B. 1739)
Joseph Wheelock, Jr. (B. approx. 1707)
Joseph Wheelock, Sr. (B. 1672)
Gershom Wheelock (B. 1/3/1632, Eccles, Norfolk, England)
Ralph Wheelock (B. 5/14/1600, Donnington, Shropshire, England)
        Traveled to America with his sons in 1637.
Joseph (or John) Wheelock (B. 10/7/1563 or 1565)
Humphrey Wheelock (B. 1513)
Hugh de Whelok (B. 1450)
        Earliest known reference to the name "Wheelock" from the village of Wheelock.

The name is purported to be derived from Chevel-og, meaning "winding river" which describes the landscape surrounding the village Wheelock in Cheshire, England. However, recent theories have reported it to be from the "Willocks," who were Normans from France. See www.wheelockgenealogy.com for more details.

We are always seeking new information.  If you find errors in the above, or can add details, please email me at: Andrew@andrewwheelock.com